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How To Fix Your Common Problem on Windows 8.1 Easy Steps ( Part 1 )

How To Fix Your 8 Common Problem on Windows 8.1 Easy Steps. Know How To Repair All of Your Windows Problem in Here

How To Fix Your Common Problem on Windows 8.1 Easy Steps
It's not honorable the revamped interface in Windows 8.x which has caused confusion amongst users. There are a number of problems in the operative grouping which can make sufferity and flat creation machines unusable.
We see a suggest at 4 ordinary problems and aid you fix them on this part 1:

1 - Blue Screen Of Death ( Black )
It wouldn't be Windows without the Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) would it? Thankfully, you won't see this as regularly as you may know through in the last (we're sensing at you Windows ME).
The most grassroots messages that leave accompany the frowning emoticon is the message "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL". This effectuation there is a difficulty with a driver/software.
If you don't catch the message, you can ever hear it in the BSOD dumps. These are set in C:/Windows/Minidump folder.
A unrefined reason of this break, according to this Microsoft Corp, is AvastSvc.exe. This is abutting with the sovereign Avast AV software. Uninstall this remedy and try added AV app instead or see if an update is accessible.
Of series, it may not be this component software, but so the minidump folder is a ripe determine to seem for clues nearly an offending app.

2 – Explorer.exe crashes and regularly restarts
You may experience a problem where Windows Soul regularly crashes, making the operating system suffered to use.
The difficulty lies with a bug in how Windows deals with element drivers or installed software.
Altering this is gentle, using the Retrieve My PC options. Flick or tap on Settings > Change PC Settings > Update and Recovery.
Then agape the Recovery option and then select Get Started and Recollect Your PC Without Touching Your Files. This reinstalls Windows without trashing your accumulation. As an actor measure, variety sure your data is backed up.

3 - Backup makes duplicate copies of assemblage that hasn't changed
There's a part serve backup into Windows 8, which automatically makes copies of files when you get changes. This is useful because if you hit a identify with a record you can offense to a early mode version.
Still, a bug effectuation that you may chance Windows 8 is making copies of the self file, modify when no changes hold been made to it. This will work up some unnesecarry space on your hard drive.

4 - Getting the screen variant of IE backmost on the Start Screen
In Windows 8.1 you will find the screen type of internet Explorer has disappeared from the Start Screen. The way to get this backrest is to go into desktop IE > Internet Options > Programs.
Ticktock the box incoming to Give Cyberspace Soul Tiles on the Screen. You should now use into Screen IE instead of having to use Underground IE.

Thats all from part one of how to fix your common problem in windows 8.1.

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