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How To Fix Your Common Problem on Windows 8.1 Easy Steps ( Part 2 )

How To Fix Your 8 Common Problem on Windows 8.1 Easy Steps. Know How To Repair All of Your Windows Problem in Here

Know How To Repair All of Your Windows Problem in Here

Hi friends, now i will share the part 2 of the suggestion and solution for Windows 8.1 Problem. Before we going on, read the first part ( Part 1 ) Here 

Okay, so let we start :)

6 - Windows keeps dropping Wi-Fi connectivity
Windows 8 users make according issues with Wi-Fi. You may perceive your gimmick shows constricted connectivity or drops a instrumentality altogether.

There doesn't materialise to be an attorney fix to the difficulty, but one of the finest tips is to download the wireless adapter's stylish utility from the manufacturers website (this may make to be done using other computer).

Once you've downloaded the utility go to Scheme and Intercourse Sweet > Locomote Musician Settings.
Right-click on the troublesome device in Network Connections > Properties > Configure > Driver > Select Update Driver > Browse My Computer > Let Me Pick.

There present be two drivers to withdraw from: the Windows 8.1 type and the new ODM drivers. Lay the ODM drivers and this should fix the difficulty.

7- Windows 8.1 does not waken from period property ( Can't wake up )
Similar a surly teenager, Windows 8.1 has developed a rest problem. Whatsoever devices module not arouse and you may be unnatural to carry out a calculating reset.

The strict causes are undiagnosed but two suspects are late installed base party apps and out-dated chipset drivers.

To fix this, an update of the chipset utility would be the front entity to stockpile out. Either from Windows Update or from the manufacturer's website.

Users can also adapt the index direction options. To do this, press Windows + X and select Device Manager from the list. Here find Network Adapter, ethical move on it and penetrate Properties. Penetrate Power direction, and then uncheck the choice "Allow This Device To Wake the computer". Allow Administer Request and Ok.

If the drive is a 3rd receiver app, play Windows 8.1 in a cleanable kick province will enable you to study possible litigant apps. To cleanly blow, Do Windows Key + R to area Run playscript box, type msconfig and hit advise to move the Group Constellation ride.
On the General tab, untick Load Startup Items. Then go to Services tab, Click on Hide All Microsoft Services, and click Disable All. Apply the settings and reboot the PC.

8 - Windows 8.1 shows disastrous surface after updates ( Black Screen )
For few users, updating drivers or the OS results in a colored protect and your organization may be stuck in a resuscitate entwine - where it fails to alluviation Windows and only tries to continue itself.

To surmount this difficulty you somebody to download and create a Windows 8 USB Drive (Microsoft offers the pursuing writ here).

Then enclose the media into saucer drive/USB opening and reboot the tool. At the Windows Setup box, click Next, then click Repair your computer. On the Choose an option screen, click Troubleshoot, then click Advanced options.

On Advanced options screen, click Command Prompt, type C: and press Enter. At the C: prompt, type BCDEDIT /SET {DEFAULT} BOOTMENUPOLICY LEGACY command, and hit Enter. Flick on Exit to tight this panel.

At the Advanced Boot Options screen, select safe mode and press Enter. Log in with the administrators account. Click the Desktop tile from the Start screen. In the desktop, go the bottom right corner of the window and click Settings, in the Settings windows, click Control Panel.

Click on Programs and Features, click View Installed Updates from the left pane. In the Installed Updates window, right click the recently installed update. Click Uninstall to remove the selected update.

Reboot the computer and do a similar process to get to the Control Panel then click Device Manager to open up that window and double-click to expand the device category to view drivers that have been updated recently. Right click the updated driver, click Properties and click on the Driver tab. On this tab, click Roll Back Driver button to roll back to the previous version.

So, if you have any question about Windows 8 Problem. Let me know :)


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